Business Tax Preparation Services

At GR Tax Services, we specialize in business tax preparation services. GR Business Tax Preparation Experts helps a wide array of Chicago businesses file each quarter, year after year, and we pride ourselves on making the process as smooth and painless as possible. In addition to getting you the best tax preparation service, we are also consultants who will get to know your business and give you the best, most current advice, so you are always growing and prepared for today, and tomorrow. From Schedule C issues to whether or not you should become an S-Corporations, our tax preparation business experts can help. Our goal is to serve you with professional tax preparation and help you improve your business!

At GR Tax Service we offer Business Tax Preparation services for all kinds of businesses and corporations. We have been handling tax returns over the years for several corporations and had provided them with accurate tax planning which has benefited their corporate organization. We provide comprehensive tax planning and business tax preparation services for all your tax returns. Our business tax preparation services in Chicago, include:

  • Business Tax Preparation
  • Monthly Deposits
  • Quarterly Reports and filing
  • Annual Filings
  • Past Year Filings or Amendments

Tax Preparation for Small Businesses

We go beyond compliance to develop a comprehensive tax strategy aimed at saving your business the most money on taxes. At GR Tax Services, we are constantly learning from the latest tax laws and regulations and use every opportunity to reduce your tax liability as your business evolves. We can advise you on which business entity will afford maximum long-term tax savings so your business can retain higher profits. Our Tax Services for Small Businesses include:

  • Year-round tax planning to reduce your tax liability
  • Alternative minimum tax planning
  • Business tax preparation
  • E-file
  • Help with IRS problems
  • Succession planning
  • State and Federal Tax Planning

Tax Preparation for Corporations

We help new businesses set up new accounting systems, or we perform a full review of what you are currently doing and help you make improvements. Often what we save you will pay for our services.

Reporting requirements are important, and we can recommend better financial controls, assist with cash flow management, and help you meet all federal, state and local reporting requirements. On top of booking your receipts and expenditures on an ongoing basis, we can issue quarterly and annual reports, prepare your 1098s and 1099s, and of course take care of your tax needs. We don’t generally handle payroll services, but we can help you set up a robust payroll system and/or advise you on selecting the proper service provider to assist with your individual situation. We can also help prepare your W-2’s at the end of the year.